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We’ve always been in the roots business and shortcuts have never been part of our process. Our primary mission is to craft the finest perennial plugs to give our customers the foundation they need to grow premium quality finished plants. Here’s how we deliver on that promise.
Taking our cue from Mother Nature, we understand implicitly the value of providing vernalized plugs to our customers. Her natural cycle of growth, rest and regrowth naturally bulks our perennials up and helps them take back off at lightning speed in spring. Let’s explore the vernalization difference.
PowerPlugs are vibrant masses of stored energy ready to fill your pots quickly and fully. Their heavy crowns with multiple growing points form impressive tops while the primary roots dive deep into the heart of the finished containers. See how our vernalized PowerPlugs result in quick turns for our customers.
Whether you are a wholesale finish grower, a grower retailer or a landscape professional, we have the right size PowerPlug for your job. We’ve diversified our product line to better service our diverse customer base and continue to adapt as needed. Take a closer look at our quick turn 32s and cost-effective 72s.