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PowerPlug™ Sizes Offered

PowerPlug™ Sizes Offered

Whether you are a wholesale finish grower, a grower retailer or a landscape professional, we have the right size PowerPlug for your job. We’ve diversified our product line to better service our diverse customer base and continue to adapt as needed. Let’s take a closer look.

Quick Turn 32s

The larger soil volume and robust root systems of our 32ct plugs help them finish quickly and reliably. In an imperfect world, large plugs are better at buffering transplant shock, scheduling mistakes, temperature fluctuations and watering irregularities that can stunt smaller plugs.

Channeled by the ribs of the Star-32 trays, the primary roots grow downward and avoid wrapping around the cell. Once planted into 1-gal containers, these large plugs start to form their root system in the heart of the container, finishing much faster than small plugs.

Nearly all of the perennials we offer are available in 32ct plugs.
See the full list here.

32ct perennial PowerPlugs

32s Stats

Depth: 4.00”
Width: 2.25”
Volume: 10.98 cu. in.
Tray Dimensions: 11.0” x 21.5”
Application: Ideal for 1-gal containers and direct in-ground installation. Finishes in 5-8 weeks on average.

Cost Effective 72s

An economically efficient alternative to large plugs, our 72ct plugs are larger than the average 72s you’ll commonly find in the trade. Their greater soil volume, deep conical design and vertical channels result in a larger root mass that fills out the bottom of the plug fully. These plugs truly deliver an optimum performance in a smaller package.

Select varieties are available in 72ct plugs.
See the full list here.

Deep rooted 72ct perennial PowerPlugs

72s Stats

Depth: 2.25”
Width: 1.52”
Volume: 3.60 cu. in.
Tray Dimensions: 11.0” x 21.5”
Application: Ideal for spring quart and gallon production or 1-gal containers planted in fall.

Custom Grown Perennials

If you do not see the variety you need in the size you prefer, please contact us about placing a custom grow order. Many times, we are able to meet your needs with a 10-12 week lead time for custom orders. All inquiries are reviewed on an individual basis.

Custom grown perennial PowerPlugs