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Find an Independent Sales Representative or Broker

Find an Independent Sales Representative or Broker

We will be happy to accept your direct order or you may choose to work with one of our authorized independent sales representatives or brokers listed below.


Kathy Streu
KRS Quality Growers Serving: IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MO, OH, OK
Phone: (269) 468-5617
Fax: (269) 468-6617
Email: krs@triton.net

Brian Aaron
National Nursery Products Serving: Northern IL, IN
Phone: (309) 258-1630
Fax: (309) 685-5801
Email: beatreeman2@gmail.com

Karen Fisher
National Nursery Products Serving: VA, MD, DE, PA, New England
Phone: (540) 732-0250
Fax: (540) 739-7227
Email: karen@fisherplants.com

Scott Ingram
National Nursery Products Serving: KY, TN, WV, MS
Phone: (800) 759-6974
Fax: (502) 243-8782
Email: scott@ingraminc.com

Bill Malouche
National Nursery Products Serving: KS, Western MO
Phone: (913) 269-7919
Fax: (913) 362-2569
Email: billm@nnpkc.com

Jayne Roberts
National Nursery Products Serving: MN, ND, SD, IA, NE, Manitoba
Phone: (612) 822-4040
Fax: (612) 822-4310
Email: hothosta@gmail.com

Bill Ruppert
National Nursery Products Serving: St. Louis, Eastern MO, Southern IL
Phone: (314) 966-0253
Fax (314) 966-1830
Email: billr@rupehort.com

Dennis Wentworth
National Nursery Products Serving: MI, WI, Ontario, British Columbia
Phone: (269) 695-2386
Fax: (269) 695-1223
Email: dawentworth@gmail.com

Nancy Williams
National Nursery Products Serving: OH, PA, Western NY
Phone: (440) 479-2038
Fax: (440) 425-0301
Email: Nancy@plantrep.com


De Vroomen Garden Products
Phone: (847) 395-9911
Email: sales@devroomen.com

Eason Horticultural Resources
Phone: (800) 214-2221
Email: info@ehrnet.com

Florasource, Ltd.
Phone: (949) 498-1131
Email: Rosa@Florasourceltd.com

Great Green Sources
Phone: (616) 560-7657
Email: kris@greatgreensources.com

Leo Berbee Bulb Company
Phone: (800) 642-2852
Email: daved@berbeeus.com

Phone: (800) 943-2230
Email: info@mchutchison.com

Netherland Bulb Company
Phone: (800) 788-8547
Email: contactus@netherlandbulb.com

Phone: (877) 766-8748
Email: order@perennialmarket.com

Vaughan’s Horticulture
Phone: (855) 864-3300
Email: info@vaughans.com