Featured Crops

Even we get excited about new plants. Check out the promising new perennials we’ve chosen for you to try this year. And remember—we don’t introduce new varieties until we’re sure they are landscape worthy. Click here to see what’s new this year.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few perennials we can’t do without in our garden. They have proven their salt, and it takes a lot to impress us! Click here to see our favorites.

If you’re interested in the New Perennial Movement, you’ll want to peruse this list created by one of its founders—Roy Diblik. Find a mix of low maintenance natives, nativars and non-natives here.

Landscape professionals count on us to provide premium quality, large 32ct PowerPlugs that can be planted directly into the landscape. Here are some key varieties of durable perennials we feel deserve to be widely planted in today’s landscapes.