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The Vernalization Difference

The Vernalization Difference

Taking our cue from Mother Nature, we understand implicitly the value of providing vernalized plugs to our customers. Her natural cycle of growth, rest and regrowth naturally bulks our perennials up and helps them take back off at lightning speed in spring, with some growers reporting crops finishing in as little as four weeks.

Our production begins in summer and continues into fall, giving our plugs adequate time to flourish naturally, building strong roots and healthy crowns before winter arrives. As the days grow shorter and nights cool down, we slowly wean our plugs off fertilizer to allow them to naturally slow down and store plenty of energy as they go into dormancy.

Employing sustainable growing practices, we don’t use supplemental light or extra heat to force plants. We also have a strong focus on integrated pest management using beneficials and biologicals—never any neonicotinoids.

Vernalized plugs Stachys

When you hold one of our PowerPlugs in your hands, you’ll immediately notice the difference between these robust plugs and those from other suppliers who plant their crops just weeks before shipment. PowerPlugs are vibrant masses of stored energy, ready to fill out your containers quickly and fully with no special protection or handling required. Their heavy crowns are the direct result of our vernalization process. While not all perennials require vernalization, most benefit from it, and the difference in the finished product is indisputable.

Vernalization never costs extra at Stonehouse Nursery. It is a critical part of our growing process and of your success. Helping you start your crop off right is just the right thing to do. We ship PowerPlugs year-round, and nearly all our winter and early spring shipments are vernalized (the exception being a few select crops with winter production cycles.) We’re confident that once you experience the difference of our vernalized PowerPlugs, you’ll be back for more.

Vernalized perennial plugs