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What is a PowerPlug?

What is a PowerPlug?

Perennial PowerPlugs from Stonehouse Nursery

More Power in Every Plug

As a liner grower, our mission is to provide our valued customers with the finest perennial plugs, handcrafted with care in an environmentally responsible manner. That all starts with strong roots. We understand that solid roots and crowns are integral to our customers’ success. Reliable plug quality is our trademark, and we’re confident that once you experience it, you’ll be back for more.

Heuchera perennial plugs

Deep Plugs = Strong Roots

We’ve selected perfectly designed 32ct and 72ct trays that promote strong vertical root growth down to the bottom of the long plugs. Large crowns with multiple growing points per plug result. Our customers have found these robust PowerPlugs grow faster and fuller than using multiple small starts per pot. Efficiency is key in any successful operation, and PowerPlugs result in quick turns for our customers.

Vernalization Matters

Nearly all of our PowerPlugs shipped in winter and early spring have been vernalized and are ready to take off when planted. Most 32ct PowerPlugs finish in just 5-8 weeks in 1-gal containers, with some crops finishing even faster. Our 72ct PowerPlugs are ideal for spring quart and gallon production, as well as fall planting into 1-gal containers. Read more about our available plug sizes here.

Ideal for Landscape Installations

Landscape professionals have told us the robust size of our 32ct PowerPlugs are an ideal, economical solution for large scale plantings or any kind of direct installation. Their strong root system helps them take off quickly in landscapes and fill in large areas quickly. Whole trays are easy to transport to job sites with no messy pots to clean up afterwards, saving time and the environment.

Which size PowerPlug is right for your situation? Find out here.

vernalized perennial plug