Similar to 'Iron Butterfly' in texture and bushiness, this native cultivar tends to be a bit taller with larger inflorescences of deep purple flowers. Its rust and powdery mildew resistant foliage flushes reddish-purple in fall, adding to its appeal. Forms a sturdy, upright clump of interlocking stems that wonÕt flop. Breeder: Dr. Jim Ault.

Discovered by Tony Avent growing in its native SE U.S. habitat, this colorful selection has green, Amsonia-like foliage that blushes purple in fall. It complements the large clusters of deep purple flowers borne on strong stems that feed pollinators late in the season. Perfect for naturalizing in moist, sunny locations.

A favorite among native plant enthusiasts, drought tolerant ironweed attracts loads of bees and other pollinators late in the season. This selection was selected from Allan Armitage's trials for its compact habit, vigorous growth and flower power. Bright purple flowers appear atop the attractive clump of feathery foliage.