This full-sized Perovskia is excellent for massing in large landscapes where low maintenance plantings are desired. Pollinators flock to its huge panicles of soft lavender blue flowers which persist for several months at the height of summer. Its silvery green, fragrant foliage is rarely bothered by pests. Thrives in heat.

This mid-sized Perovskia is one of the earliest to bloom beginning in midsummer. Large spikes of lavender blue flowers which attract pollinators are produced on bushy plants with grey-green, toothed leaves. Compact yet vigorous in production and in the landscape. Thrives in heat. Breeder: Walters Gardens.

A bit shorter than the species, this selection maintains a more compact, upright habit in the landscape. Large panicles of lavender blue flowers appear for several months and are excellent for cutting. Small, aromatic, gray-green leaves are rarely bothered by pests. Thrives in heat.