This cheerful, easy-to-grow plant draws bees, butterflies and songbirds into the garden all summer with its clusters of lilac purple flowers. Often used as a "see-through" plant in the landscape, it makes its way around the garden by reseeding. Its tall, wiry, flower-topped stems sway in the breeze but don't flop.

If you like the look of the species, try this shorter cultivar which is better suited to the front of the border. Its lilac purple flowers will draw bees, butterflies and songbirds into the garden all summer. Like the species, it will make its way around the border acting as a "see-through" plant by reseeding.

This tall, native wildflower is found across North America along streambanks, in moist meadows and rain gardens. Bees, butterflies and songbirds depend on this short-lived, reseeding perennial as a food source. Long, candelabra-like, blue-violet flowers appear on stiff stems above the toothed, green foliage.