Incredibly impressive in trials, this sturdy toad lily fills out quickly to form a robust clump of flashy variegated foliage. Strong stems carry thick, dark green leaves with broad, yellow margins. Orchid-like, purple speckled flowers are an added bonus late in the season, but this variety is worth growing for its foliage alone. A must-have plant for shade gardens.

This compact selection is grown as much for its attractively variegated, green and golden yellow foliage as its interesting blossoms. Orchid-like, white flowers with a yellow throat and heavy purple spotting are a welcome sight, appearing after many other perennials are finished. Survives even in dry shade conditions.

This robust toad lily forms a sizeable clump of extra-large, glossy green leaves on upright arching stems. Unlike most, the flowers are unspotted and clear white in color, flushed with lavender at the petal edges with a yellow throat. They also appear a bit earlier than most, beginning in late summer.