Prized for its attractive cut-leaf foliage that is dark green with heavy maroon markings, turning deep purple in winter, this nativar resides in the ancestry of most cut-leaf forms available today. It is a semi-running form, spreading slowly by short stolons, forming a dense carpet of 6" tall foliage. Lightly fragrant, pale pink flower spikes appear early and are long lasting. Introduced by: Primrose Path

Considered by many to be the best clump forming Tiarella introduction to come from breeder Terra Nova Nurseries. Elegant, glossy, deeply dissected foliage is dark green with a prominent burgundy painted center. Forms a perfect mound topped with numerous pink and white flower spikes in spring. Nativar.

A low maintenance, native species that thrives in shady, moist conditions where it spreads to form a dense groundcover. Semi-evergreen to evergreen leaves are often marked with burgundy veining and take on bronze tones in winter. One of the earliest plants to have in flower for spring sales, bearing lightly fragrant, white or pale pink, bottlebrush blooms.