Bearing resemblance to Liatris, this nativar shines in the fall with its tall flower wands densely packed with golden yellow blooms that pollinators adore. It is a highlight of the Lurie Garden in Chicago, but was originally discovered in SW Oklahoma by Steve Bieberich of Sunshine Nursery. Very tolerant of heat and dry soils.

This spectacular selection creates a fall finale in the landscape and is ideal for merchandising with grasses and asters at retail. Huge 18" long spires of electric yellow flowers shoot up above the foliage like fireworks. This versatile, clump-forming, native species is loved by pollinators and birds.

This dwarf, clump-forming selection makes it possible for anyone to grow goldenrod, even in small gardens and containers. Multi-branched, arching spires of golden yellow flowers bloom prolifically, attracting all sorts of pollinators and songbirds. This species prefers well-drained soils. Introduced by: Mt. Cuba Center