A favorite grass of native plant enthusiasts, this drought tolerant species thrives in poor, sandy soils with almost no maintenance required. Its slender, blue-green leaves turn warm shades of bronze, red and orange in fall. Tiny seed tufts appear near the tops of the stems in late summer.

This uniquely mounded selection forms a wide clump of blue-green foliage that emerges nearly horizontal and matures into strong, upright stems that remain standing through inclement weather and winter. Takes on pink, copper and orange-red tones in fall topped with tiny seed tufts. Introduced by: Chicago Botanic Garden

Grown for its striking powder blue foliage and narrow, upright habit, this sturdy selection forms a dense clump topped with tiny seed tufts. Cooler fall weather draws out striking red, orange and burgundy tones. Thrives in poor, sandy soils with almost no maintenance required. Breeder: Kurt Bluemel

Selected from the species for its brighter steel blue foliage and taller, strictly upright habit, this cultivar strongly resists lodging. It grows vigorously to form a dense clump of finely textured foliage that takes on deep purple, red and orange hues through the season. Tiny seed tufts appear late. Breeder: Mary Meyer, Univ. of MN