This amazingly uniform, naturally mounded cultivar is drawing high accolades across the industry. Its narrow, hairy foliage is highly resistant to Septoria leaf spot, and the plant is covered with a solid dome of gold blossoms for months. AAS winner. Breeder: Intrinsic Perennial Gardens.

This award-winning, classic perennial is a mainstay in sunny landscapes, producing bright golden yellow flowers with brown cones at the height of summer into fall. Its taller stems make it an excellent choice for fresh bouquets. It is especially showy in mass plantings where it can be allowed to naturalize.

This popular selection blooms freely over several months, bearing golden yellow, daisy-like flowers with brown centers. The full clump of narrow, dark green leaves shows strong resistance to Septoria leaf spot and takes on deep purple tones in fall. Easy to grow in containers and landscapes. Nativar.

This improved selection is produced from tissue culture, ensuring uniform stock for growers and retailers. Dark green, highly disease resistant foliage forms a compact, basal mound that remains attractive all season. A bouquet of golden yellow flowers blooms profusely just above the foliage. Introduced by: Jelitto

This tall, colorful Rudbeckia is perfect for the middle of the flower border where its well-branched stems carry loads of large, burnt orange-red flowers with bright yellow tips and a dark cone over a long period without deadheading. Birds enjoy its seeds late in the season. Short-lived; best to allow plants to reseed.