This showy perennial is loaded with impulse appeal on retail benches in spring, then delivers an outstanding garden performance all summer. Its vivid yellow and scarlet patterned foliage brightens up shade gardens while small, white flowers offer additional appeal. Exhibits good heat tolerance. Breeder: Terra Nova Nurseries.

A standout on retail benches and in the landscape, this bold selection forms a large, billowy mound of glowing orange-red, palmately dissected leaves. The color is most intense from spring through summer, taking on amber and peach tones in fall. Strong vigor and robust size are due to H. villosa parentage. Breeder: Terra Nova Nurseries.

Now this is flower power! A single one-gallon sized plant can bear 100+ flowers, creating massive impulse appeal at retail. Bubblegum pink blossoms appear above the emerald green leaves with deep purple central markings beginning in late spring and lasting for several weeks. Breeder: AB-Cultivars. Introduced by: Plants Nouveau.