Selected for its more compact foliage and upright habit, this Gaura makes the perfect Òthriller" in combination containers and adds verticality to landscapes. Its bright pink flowers are much like 'Siskiyou Pink', borne on wiry, red, arching stems over an extremely long period. Requires good drainage to overwinter well.

Several bright pink flowers are borne at once on each arching stem of this long-blooming Gaura. A bit shorter than 'Pink Cloud'; forms a basal mound of red tinted green foliage. Pollinators flock to its colorful blooms all season. Requires good drainage to overwinter well; does not reseed. Introduced by: Siskiyou Nursery

Selected for its compact habit and increased flower production, this perennial is a blooming machine. Pink buds open from tall, arching stems to reveal pure white flowers that blush pink as they age and do not reseed. Its upright stems make it an excellent thriller for combination containers and landscapes.