Similar to 'Black Ace' but with shiny, dark green, toothed foliage and white flowers with a tinge of pink. Ideal for rich, moist to wet soils or bogs where it will attract butterflies and bees in late summer. Known to be a larval food source for the Baltimore checkerspot butterfly; native range extends from Newfoundland to Georgia.

A selection of native white turtlehead distinguished by near-black foliage in spring, maturing to dark green. Milky white flowers the shape of a turtle's head appear late in the season. Host plant for the Baltimore checkerspot butterfly. Grows taller in moist to wet soils; can be pinched to limit height.

Selected by North Creek Nurseries for its darker pink flowers, red stems and dark green foliage that emerges bronze in spring. An important late season food source for pollinators. Recommended for gardeners looking for easy to grow, deer resistant perennials for moist to wet areas in the landscape.