This long blooming, practically deer-proof perennial forms a bushy clump of strongly mint-scented, fuzzy, green leaves. Soft blue flowers which attract pollinators appear over many months. An excellent recommendation for gardeners looking for low maintenance, drought tolerant perennials.

Like a flurry of snow in summer, this easy-to-grow, no maintenance perennial is absolutely covered in self-cleaning, white flowers for nearly the entire growing season. Bees and other pollinators are highly attracted to its blooms, but deer are deterred by its strongly mint-scented, shiny green foliage. Named by Mike Yanny.

An excellent groundcover for sunny, dry areas, this plant forms a slowly spreading clump of glossy green, strongly mint-scented foliage. Pollinators flock to its pale blue flowers which appear prolifically nearly all season and do set viable seed. Very easy to grow; great for herb gardens, rock gardens and perennial borders.