Filling out a pot completely with its willow-shaped leaves that turn yellow in fall, this compact selection bears brighter blue flowers over a longer period, emerging from unique navy blue buds. Low maintenance, easy to grow and trouble-free. Discovered in seedling block of A. tabernaemontana at Sunny Border Nursery.

One of the best native perennials for fall color. Billowy plants with green, threadleaf foliage are topped with clusters of pale blue, star-shaped flowers in spring. Trimming plants back after flowering helps to maintain a rounded mound shape. No serious pests or diseases; adaptable to sand or clay soils.

Native to much of the eastern half of the U.S., this long-lived Amsonia features clusters of soft blue, star-shaped flowers above an airy clump of willow-like, green leaves that turn golden yellow in fall. Benefits from being cut back after flowering to promote a bushier habit. Elegant in mass plantings.