A pollinator magnet, this nativar bears deep purple buds and violet blue flowers held on dark calyxes, extending the season of color after the flowers are spent. A long blooming perennial that requires little more than sunshine and good drainage to thrive. Fragrant foliage makes this plant deer resistant.

The perfect perennial to recommend to new gardeners. Checks all the boxes that today's consumers are looking for: pollinator-friendly, low water use, long blooming, winter hardy, and easy to grow in any well-drained soil. Powder blue flower spikes appear above the fragrant, deer resistant foliage.

Bearing deep smoky violet blue flowers held on rose purple calyxes, this drought tolerant nativar draws attention on the retail bench and when planted en masse in the landscape. Its dense, upright habit makes an excellent presentation in large containers. A pollinator magnet; aromatic foliage keeps deer away.

This picture-perfect perennial naturally forms a ball-shaped clump of aromatic, bright green foliage topped with a profusion of hot pink and magenta flowers for several months. It attracts pollinators like a magnet but the minty foliage keeps four-legged creatures away. Excellent presentation in containers. Breeder: Walters Gardens

This fragrant, edible selection is both beautiful and useful for making anise tea. Fiery orange flowers appear for many months atop the aromatic, grey-green foliage. Compact in habit, it is a good choice for combination containers and near the front of the border in any well-drained soil. Introduced by: Jelitto

This exceptionally hardy native species is easy to grow and long blooming; often used by native bees as a nectar source. Tall, bright lavender blue flower spikes on strong, upright stems create a beautiful vertical accent in perennial borders and native prairie plantings. Short lived perennial but reseeds reliably.

Standing just half the height of 'Black Adder', this compact selection is easy to fit into any sunny, hot, dry landscape. What it lacks in height, it makes up for in three times the flower power of tall hyssops. It presents beautifully in containers at retail and is long blooming, bearing deep purple buds and violet-blue flower spikes.