Monarda Bee-You(TM) 'Bee-Free'

Monarda Bee-You(TM) 'Bee-Free'

Common Name

Beebalm, Bergamot

Plant Description

From our experience, this new series of Monardas has been very clean in production, growing quickly to fill out the pots fully. Relatively short plants form a compact clump of deep green foliage that is covered in vibrant blooms that attrac pollinators. Nativar.


  • Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Height: 12-15"
  • Spread: 10-12"
  • Zones: (4)5-9
  • New For: 2018
  • Butterflies: YES
  • Hummingbirds: YES
  • Deer-Resistant: YES
  • Drought-Resistant: YES
  • Cut Flower: YES
  • Scented: YES
  • Patent #: PPAF

Grower Notes

Monardas can be started from 72 deep plugs planted in late summer/early fall and overwintered easily in cold frames or pot-to-pot outdoors. If planting for late spring/early summer sales, start with our larger 32-count vernalized plugs.

Monarda should be pinched back early to promote branching or delay flowering. Pinching or PGRs can be used to control height, though PGRs are not recommended for dwarf varieties.

Breeder Notes

Breeder: AB-Cultivars

Introduced by: Plants Nouveau

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