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powerpluggHome of the PowerPlug

Our philosophy as a liner grower has always been to sell strong roots to our customers. We believe good roots deliver good tops.

Quicker Turnarounds

  • Larger liners mean quicker finishes.
  • Fewer weeks to finish means less heat input during the early part of the growing season.

Stonehouse Attention to Detail

  • Shearing, pruning+extra care = a more uniform crop.
  • Low-impact IPM = a healthy crop while being gentle on the environment.

Place an Order and See the Results

We spend a great deal of time on our liners so you, the customer, can produce a quality crop in a timely manner. We like to do things right, and we don’t take shortcuts. We believe, as is true with so many things, that the devil is in the details.

Please place an order with us and try out our PowerPlugs. Every item in our catalog is available in a 32-cell tray, with a limited selection available in 72 deep tray counts. Compare them to your existing liners and let us know how our plugs perform for you.