This sport of 'Little Bunny' discovered at Walla Walla Nurseries bears the same notable characteristics of its parent with the addition of bright red color beginning in early summer. Finely textured, mounding foliage turns all-red in fall topped with petite plumes on 18" stems. Excellent in combination containers and as edging.

If you like 'Red Head', you'll love this dwarf selection. Its smaller size makes it easy to fit into most gardens. Long, plump, reddish-purple inflorescences appear prolifically above the green, clumping foliage beginning in late summer. Foliage takes on coppery bronze tones in fall. Introduced by: Intrinsic Perennial Gardens

One of the most widely planted selections, this grass blooms a bit earlier and is a bit shorter than the straight species. It forms a graceful, fountain-like clump of finely textured, deep green foliage that takes on warm tones in fall. Fuzzy, cream plumes top the foliage through fall.

One of the earliest and largest flowering selections. Forms a majestic clump of strappy, green foliage topped with plump, smoky purple plumes that measure up to 10" long. They transition to tan and remain intact through fall. Use this grass as a specimen or a living screen. Introduced by: Intrinsic Perennial Gardens