A bit more upright and vigorous in production compared to weeping forms, this solid gold selection is a favorite of designers who plant it en masse to create a blanket of glowing color in shade. Will be more chartreuse in full shade. This form has no fall color but remains tan through winter. Insignificant flowers.

Like a graceful waterfall, the soft yellow and green variegated leaves of this selection tend to all grow and arch over in the same direction, creating a sense of motion in the landscape. It is spectacular when planted en masse near a water feature or spilling down a rock wall. Its foliage can take on light pink tones in fall.

This colorful sport of 'All Gold' features similar glowing foliage that becomes more intense golden yellow with deep crimson leaf tips when grown in part sun. Cool fall weather draws out additional deep orange and burgundy tones. Forms a neatly cascading clump. Introduced by: HarkAway Botanicals