Vernalized PowerPlugs: Two-Year Growth

Strong plants need a strong start. We begin our plugs in the summer so they can focus their energies on building vigorous roots and healthy crowns. When the autumn weather arrives, nature cues the plants with cooler temperatures and shorter days. We want them to store plenty of energy when they go into dormancy. Although nature does the work of vernalization, we help it along by starting our plugs early.

Although all plants don’t require vernalization, most benefit from vernalization. The cycle of growth, rest and regrowth builds a better plug that is plainly visible in a vigorous finished crop. When you hold one of our PowerPlugs in your hand, you can see the difference. Let us fill you in on the details…

    Vernalization is a trigger to get certain cultivars to flower, but its effects are much broader. Vernalization is integral to building spring performance for most perennials.

    At Stonehouse, we begin our production in the summer so our young plants can bulk up and build an infrastructure of roots and crowns.

    Going into dormancy with short days and cold nights triggers the plug to start storing energy. A long, slow fall gives the plant plenty of time to fatten up the reserves.

    Coming out of dormancy with warmer and longer days triggers the roots to gather more nourishment from the soil and water. The crowns swell, new stems develop and the plant’s full potential emerges.

    With fully developed roots and multiple crowns, PowerPlugs from Stonehouse grow into retail perennials faster and better than plugs that were planted just weeks before they shipped. No special handling or protection is required. Plant and grow them, just like we do.

    If you like the way we grow, then you will like the PowerPlugs. We believe in sustainable growing practices so we don’t use artificial light or extra heating. Our plugs receive the time and space nature requires to do its business. This results in plugs that grow naturally into lush perennials.

Stonehouse ships PowerPlugs year round, and nearly all of our winter and spring shipments
(generally, January to the beginning of May) are vernalized*.
*Excluding certain crops with winter production cycles.

            We don’t charge extra for vernalization,
                           because we just ship the best plugs we can.