Trial Gardens

rdResearch & Development

Stonehouse Nursery pays attention to what our customers are looking for, while at the same time keeping a close eye on trends in the industry. In the past, having something "new and different" was enough to satisfy our customers. Today's growers and retailers demand not only a quality product but a plant selection that adds a nice mix of the "new" along with the "tried and true".

New plants are constantly being introduced to the market, but not all are garden worthy. It is important to us to be selective in our catalog choices so that we are confident the consumer will be successful.

When choosing plants to offer, it is valuable to have experience growing them both in the greenhouse and in the garden. This knowledge enables us to offer plants with good retail appeal while at the same time being reliable in commercial production. Through experimentation we are able to offer plants that will not only work for you, the grower, but also keep your customer happy, successful and coming back for more plants!

grown-to-maturityGrown to Maturity

You learn the full story when you grow a plant to maturity. It means we understand what happens after we ship our plugs.

Sometimes, the true character of the plant doesn't come out until the second or third year in the garden. By experimenting and growing plants in the landscape, we feel we have a better understanding of what a plant likes or doesn't like.

We have a number of trial gardens, giving us the opportunity to experiment with different varieties in various garden settings. We do our best to plant and evaluate what we sell.

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