Shipping Policies

sths_rackWestern States & Canada

Stonehouse Nursery's growing facilities meet quarantine requirements for Japanese Beetle. Year-round shipping is possible to states and provinces with restrictions without chemical treatments.

To ship to California and Canada, orders require an inspection and phytosanitary certificate. A fee will be charged for this inspection based on charges we incur from the Michigan Department of Agriculture. 

Shipping Choices

We ship our plants either:

  • Boxed and shipped via UPS
  • Shelved wooden pallet shipped via commercial freight

Prior to shipment we select the most cost effective method unless specifically instructed by the customer.

For orders over 30 flats, we offer shelved wooden pallets that offer cost and transport benefits.

Shelved Wooden Pallets

When using pallets, we charge a flat rate for the pallet rather than charging by the number of flats shipped. Cost per flat is the lowest when the pallet is filled. Four sizes allow us to ship orders of any size.

32-Flat Pallet

40-Flat Pallet

64-Flat Pallet

72-Flat Pallet


Netted and Ready for Boxing

Standard Shipping Practice
For Stonehouse Orders:

Two trays are netted and stacked using a special lifter that both protects the tray during transit and allows for extremely easy unpacking. We top-dress the tray with recycled paper as an extra buffer.


  • Box charge is per flat

shelvedwoodenpalletsx300Pallet Benefits

  • Reduction in shipping expenses.
  • Cardboard and packing waste is eliminated.
  • Unpacking trays moves swiftly.
  • Pallets are stronger and offer more protection against buffeting in shipping.

Customer Pickup

Please call the week before to schedule a pickup at our nursery. During the spring shipping season we ask that you try to pick up your order between Wednesday and Friday.

Late Dormancy Shipping Information

From experience we have identified certain plants that naturally break dormancy late and can be problematic when shipped too early. To ensure that you will be receiving healthy, actively growing, easy to handle plants, we will not ship certain plants until early April when plants have resumed growth. These plants have been identified in the catalog with ‘LD’ (late dormancy).

When processing orders with requested ship dates prior to April 1, we will automatically create additional confirmations for “late dormancy” plants with a ship date between April 1 to 15. These orders will be shipped when we see active growth.

Request a Catalog

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