Rooted in the Stonehouse Style


Stonehouse Nursery is pleased to announce the availability of a new 72 Deep Tray size. Grown in the signature Stonehouse style, these new liners are for customers who want robust plugs at higher counts in a smaller freight package.

The 72 Deep trays replace the 50-cell trays previously offered. Please see our current availability for specific crops and tray counts.

The Value of a Deep Plug

Cell size is an important factor for growers, balancing performance and economy. Our new 72 Deep plug has a full 3" depth with a top diameter of 1.56". With a soil volume of 4.39 cubic inches its 22% larger that a standard 1.5" x 2.25" 72-cell plug commonly used in the trade.

A Better Start

We really like the deep conical design and vertical channels. We feel it lends itself to a better starter plant, especially in a smaller sized plug. Here at Stonehouse Nursery it has always been about the roots.