PowerPlugs Are Built with Energy.

Vernalization is a trigger to get certain cultivars to flower, but its effects are much broader. Although all plants don’t require it,
most benefit from vernalization. PowerPlugs are built with energy. Plugs that are vernalized store more energy resulting in abundant roots and stronger growth.

Vernalization is a quality we include in nearly all of our spring crops at no added cost to our customers. PowerPlugs from Stonehouse grow into retail perennials faster and better than plugs that were planted just weeks before they shipped.

No special handling or protection is required. We don’t use artificial light or extra heating. Plant and grow them,
just like we do, as nature intended.

If you like the way we grow, then you will love the PowerPlugs.



Building a better plug starts with a
cycle of growth, rest, and regrowth. Vernalization is integral to the performance of most perennials.
This naturally occurring process begins with cooler and shorter days triggering the plugs to store energy.

A slower cool down gives the plugs more time to fatten up reserves. As the days become longer and warmer the plugs will gather more nourishment
from soil and water.



We give our plugs a head start by beginning them in summer. They soon bulk up by building an infrastructure of roots and crowns. Many plants will continue to form root systems while dormant. After emerging from
dormancy second-year roots will form
off first-year growth.

You can see the difference when
you hold one of our PowerPlugs
in your hand.



With a strongly developed system of roots and crowns, PowerPlugs grow into naturally lush perennials.

By using sustainable growing practices we allow nature the time and space it requires to produce vigorous and healthy plugs.

Stonehouse ships PowerPlugs year round. We ship the best plugs possible so vernalization is never an added cost.