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    The Value of Allium

    Alliums are architectural elements in the garden. The flower head shapes vary from oval to round globes to cup-shaped with upright, spiky foliage that can be thin or flat. Taller Alliums, 15-30 inches, make an impact when massed in the back border. Plant shorter 6-12 inch specimens in rock or woodland gardens. They are great in containers, regardless of their height.

  • cernuum.jpg 

    Allium cernuum

    Allium cernuum, known as Nodding Pink Onion, has bell-shaped blooms that bend over towards the foliage. The nodding flowers stand out in a rock or woodland garden.

  • Summer_peekaboo.jpg 

    Allium Summer Peek-a-Boo

    We chose Allium Summer Peek-a-Boo because its lavender-pink globes are nestled in the compact foliage and literally peek out, unlike most Allium blooms that stand several inches above the foliage.