We Sell Roots, and It Starts from There

rootsOur philosophy as a liner grower has always been to sell our customers starter plants with strong potential. Our roots are the foundation for the quality finished product your customers require.


A great deal of attention is given to our media. That includes its makeup, how we pot and even how we maintain and water our plants. Oxygen is key in many respects. Compaction of media is counterproductive and prevents or inhibits good root growth.


We start with a micro nutrient package that is followed by a closely monitored fertilization program that suits the plugs needs. As the year progresses and we’re heading towards winter, we lighten up that program to allow plants to naturally go dormant.


We do our best to grade crops and send customers plants that when potted together, finish together. The less sorting and grading you have to do on your end, the better.


The majority of our late winter and spring crops are over wintered, vernalized crops. The difference in the spring between a fresh plug and a vernalized plug is dramatic during a growing season when time is of the essence.

Begin with PowerPlugs

Roots are the beginning of what’s needed for a quick finish. We’re confident our plugs will perform to your highest expectations. Depending upon the plant, growers have reported finish times as low as 4 weeks at optimum times of the year. That’s what we call a PowerPlug!

Every grower would like to push a crop out just a little quicker, and that goes for us, too. The reality is that poorly rooted crops don’t produce repeat business, and that’s not what we’re about. Stonehouse Nursery’s goal is to satisfy our customers for the long haul. We’re successful when our customers are successful. Good roots are the foundation, and it starts from there.

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